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I wish creative passions didn’t have to be reduced to the sideline, only pursued in spare moments (and therefore sacrificing other things: relationships, health, or leisure, and leaving you feeling a little guilty for pursuing them at all)

It’s a predicament. The obvious solution is to try (through some miracle) to make the passion bring a paycheck. But that comes with it’s own confusing drawbacks

Creation feels pure, the trappings around it hopelessly complicated

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Keeping play separated from work seems to be a theme the universe keeps sending my way. I've turned my play into work in the past, and lost a lot of the luster of the play. Now I'm trying to figure out how to make money while continuing to do something I love, while not worrying about maximizing income or anything like that. EG, writing here on Substack- I care far more about the tangible benefits I get (it's fun and scratches a really fundamental itch than eventual monetization).

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