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I'm not a big podcast listener, but I'm always encouraged to hear about authors who take their time to write a book. I have a mild panic attack whenever I read about writers who crank out a book (or three) every year. I've been working on my trilogy for over ten years and still don't feel the first book is 100% ready for prime time. Books 2 & 3 aren't even close to ready for anyone else to look at. Granted, I have a day job and a life, but I can't imagine speeding up the process that much!

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Same! Serious questioning of my sanity when I hear of anything close to rapid release. I think most historical fiction just takes time. Some full-time HF writers manage to write one a year or even more, but I can't imagine it. I sure hope my follow-up books go faster. At least I have 80% of the research done for as long as I stay within the same period. My book #2 will likely be set in a new location but won't cover nearly as much territory. I'm trying to think smaller. Hah. I'm hoping that speeds up the process.

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Can’t wait to check it out!

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